dudamania coming to a theater near you…

this sunday, january 9th, the the LA philharmonic will kick off the first of three scheduled performances to be broadcast live in over 450 movie theaters across the US and canada.  the program is entitled “dudamel conducts beethoven” and include john adams’s “slonimsky’s earbox,” leonard bernstein’s symphony no. 1 and beethoven’s symphony no. 7. it will be hosted by vanessa williams and include interviews and a q&a with dudamel, soloists and members of the la phil. they will pick 5 questions for the q&a from submissions to ask@laphil.com, so now’s your chance to find out what kind of conditioner he’s using on those gooorgeous locks!

the la phil is clearly continuing their mission of eliciting new classical music fans, which began with a bang when they the almost 30 year-old charismatic conductor gustavo dudamel was brought on in 2009. i hope it works! on march 13th,  they’ll play tchaikovsky followed by brahms on june 5th. make sure to watch out for my dear childhood friend nate slappin’ the double bass (okay, more like bowin’ and pluckin’).

check out http://www.fathomevents.com for theater info and prices because come on, how many times will you be able to chomp popcorn and slurp icees during a philharmonic concert?


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