the joy of butter.

i love french cuisine, so it was a little painful to be ballin’ on  a backpacker budget when i traveled there last month. fortunately, some of the best foods in france–baguettes, fromage de chevre and pain aux raisins (and pralines…and pistaches…)–are cheap, and i got great restaurant tips from kind locals along the way. but for one day i ate like a queen during a beautiful day of market shopping, learning, cooking, and eating (of course!) during chef paule caillat’s promenades gourmandes cooking class, a surprise farewell gift from contender for best boss ever, nick at 7-10.

the charismatic chef paule sparkled as she shared her knowledge, wit and passion with us from why stohrer patissier trateur was better than the rest to how using the right high-quality ingredients takes a meal from great to unforgettable. the day of learning about french culture and cooking (and how they’re one in the same!) was exactly why i wanted to go to france, and lucky for anyone in NYC, chef paule is hosting workshops at NYC’s culinary loft on dec. 16th & 17th! check them out if you can, or if you’ve been looking for an excuse to get away click HERE to take a virtual tour of her stunning paris kitchen (you might want to hide your credit card if not, though). and now for the food porn…

grenadins aux herbes in bechamel sauce with encrasee de potimarron aux herbes

this tarte au chocolat haunts my dreams, and the pears are dusted with pink peppercorns!


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