the final run.

this is what chocolate-flavored power gel tastes like, by the way.

today was my ninth and final race of 2010, and the one that clinched my spot in the 2011 new york marathon. i rarely remember to make a playlist for my half marathons, so to celebrate this final body battery i made one. a real good one, i think. unfortunately i learned my headphones were broken when i got to the race, so i’ve decided to post it here in case someone else can use it more than i did, and to feel less annoyed about the time i spent making this only to run in silence for over 2 hours.

you can download the mix HERE. i had them in a specific order in my playlist but then it went to hell when i exported it so shuffle as you see fit.

1. new order – “age of consent”
2. paul mccartney – “coming up”
3. joy division – “disorder”
4. lcd soundsystem – “get innocuous”
5. rilo kiley – “it’s a hit”
6. the clash – “magnificent seven”
7. sunset rubdown – “mending of the gown”
8. belle & sebastian – “your cover’s blown”
9. talking heads – “book i read”
10. arcade fire – “i’m sleeping in a submarine”
11. interpol – “obstacle 1”
12. delta spirit – “trashcan”
13. talking heads – “i zimbra”
14. crystal castles vs health – “crimewave”
15. wolf parade – “disco sheets”
16. david bowie – “let’s dance”
17. r. kelly – “ignition”
18. broken social scene – “almost crimes”
19. wolf parade – “lousy pictures”
20. radiohead – “weird fishes/arpeggi”
21. the clash – “rudie can’t fail”
22. arthur russell – “this is how we walk on the moon”
23. beach fossils – “twelve roses”
24. of montreal – “the party’s crashing us”
25. ra ra riot – “too too fast”
26. hot chip – “transmission” (joy division cover)
27. radiohead – idioteque
28. brian eno – “the true wheel”
29. yeah yeah yeahs – “maps”
30. the feelies – “crazy rhythms”
31. fiery furnaces – “sweet spots”
32. tokyo police club – “your english is good”
33. frank zappa – “baby snakes”
34. new order – “temptation”
35. the rapture – “house of jealous lovers”
36. arcade fire – “neighborhood #1 (tunnels)”
37. depeche mode – “enjoy the silence”

it’s nothing more curated than some songs i like to run to since most of my favorite bands and songs aren’t on here, which includes artists i work with just because it’s easier for me to get into “zone out running mode.”

enjoy, i hope!


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