recipe #6: blackberry ricotta spread(ish).

not everything works out the way you want it to. a life – and cooking lesson – i’ve learned many times over. what began as a quest for light, fresh picnic fare turned into a slightly goopy but still delicious result.

recipe #6: blackberry ricotta spread(ish)

soundtrack: noah and the whale’s peaceful, the world lays me down

ingredients: 30 oz ricotta, cup of blackberries, 1 tablespoons honey and 1/4 cup brown sugar.

directions: i combined 30 oz. of ricotta cheese with a full cup of blackberries, one tablespoon of honey, and 1/4 cup of of brown sugar and combined in a blender. however, the blackberries trumped the ricotta to create a consistency closer to yogurt… which wasn’t ideal as a spread for whole wheat crackers as i intended, but was perfect to pour over multi-grain pancakes the next morning. next time, i think i’ll try blending the blackberries w/ honey and sugar first and then whip into ricotta in small doses until the texture is right. i’ll probably also add a touch of lemon or lime to brighten the flavor (ooh or lavender!), and most importantly, buy more blackberries to snack on during the process!


One thought on “recipe #6: blackberry ricotta spread(ish).

  1. If you’re using commercially purchased ricotta cheese, it may contain a lot more water than you realize as well. Try straining it through cheesecloth to thicken it up, so when you add other ingredients they won’t get as liquidy 🙂 I’ve seen people do that with flavoring their own yogurt as well, by straining it and then adding pureed fruits or honey, to keep the texture consistent and not thin it out or making it too watery. Good luck! This looks like a great idea 😉

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