“can you turn that down, please?”

or, i love wolf parade and i especially love them loud.

tuesday night, i was finally face-to-face(ish) with the canadian quartet again to hear new songs from their brilliantly chaotic, danceable album Expo 86 (and yes, i totally pre-ordered the vinyl on Insound.com to get the crappy but adorable promotional poster). as always, wolf parade delivered a high-energy, consuming show despite being in a massive space like terminal 5, so much so that fans near the front even attempted some short-lived crowd surfing. but instead of reviewing the show or new album, i would just like to gush for a bit about the fun of fandom.

i first discovered wolf parade my first week at my first job in 2005, when i was assigned the task of going through a massive bag of promo albums my pr company had been sent to check out and consider as clients. i listened to the ep first and was captivated; the frenetic “disco sheets” made me elated, the maudlin “lousy pictures” crushed me to pieces. to this day, i remain sideswiped by these two tracks in particular and hope until the very end of each show to hear them live.

also in this bag was Apologies to the Queen Mary, which i have probably listened to at least once a week for the past 5 years. from the spastic energy on”fancy claps” to heart-rending “grounds for divorce” and, of course, “i’ll believe in anything,” i quickly fell in love. if i fall for a band i fall hard, but unfortunately most of the bands i’ve fallen for throughout the years are no longer active (talking heads) or it’s near impossible to click “purchase ticket” fast enough to see them live (radiohead). so, loving WP has allowed me to feel like the rapturous music fan i never get to be and i am beyond grateful for that feeling — no matter how much it costs me in merch, ticket fees, and travel costs to see them as many times as possible.



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