my heart-shaped (music) box.

in honor of matters of the heart, i’ve assembled a playlist with some of my favorite songs of adoration and agony. and yes, i realize there is a severe lack of old-school country croons. anyways, enjoy and happy valentines day! click here for a free download of this playlist.

my heart-shaped (music) box:
1. “night and day” – ella fitzgerald
2. “a little lost” – arthur russell
3.”evergreen” – the fiery furnaces
4.”i can see the pines are dancing” – aa bondy
5.”in the heat of the morning” – david bowie
6. “the book i read” – talking heads
7.”the star-crossed lovers” – duke ellington
8.”i’ll believe in anything” – wolf parade
9.”ram on” – paul mccartney
10. “temptation” – new order
11. “hey, that’s no way to say goodbye” – leonard cohen
12. “handle with care” – traveling wilburys
13. “let’s stay together” – al green
14. “lullaby + exile” – m. ward
15. “dreams” – fleetwood mac
16. “wouldn’t it be nice” -the beach boys
17. “the way you look tonight” – tony bennett
18. “baby, we’ll be fine” – the national
19. “let’s get lost” – chet baker
20. “something” – the beatles (paul performing live on george’s ukulele)
21. “gentle hour” – yo la tengo
22. “i don’t want to get over you” – the magnetic fields
23. “i’d have you anytime” – george harrison
24. “moon river” – frank sinatra
25. “strange vine” – delta spirit
26. “can’t help falling in love” – elvis presley
27. “love will tear us apart” – joy division
28. “bullet proof… i wish i was” – radiohead
29. “laudate dominum” – mozart
30. “signed, sealed, delivered i’m yours” – stevie wonder

p.s. it’s over…


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