oh, good! another excuse to drink champagne.

wednesdays are my favorite not because they break up the week, but because my source of much-needed eye candy to keep me going through the day – design sponge – posts several easy and fun projects in its “diy wednesdays” installment. one of today’s hit my sweet spot because i also love drinking anything with bubbles – prosecco, champagne, sparkling wine – and now have even more reason to do so… so i can make miniature bistro chairs, of course! i recommend using almond-flavored sparkling wine from trader joe’s ($5.99) and mixing it with a splash of vanilla flavored vodka for a cocktail for the drinking part, but what you choose to do with the minature chairs is up to you (if you live in nyc, maybe play house with the mice that are likely running around your apartment…).
Soundtrack: Family of the Year’s Songbook because these chairs are almost as adorable as this band.
The plan: i think it’s pretty self-explanatory from the pictures… drink up!



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